100 m3 Water Tank for 510 Residents

Projekt ID: [019002]
Land: Schweiz
Stadt: Chevilly
Jahr: 2016
Rohwasser / Trinkwasser
Kapazität: 100
Nominaler Durchmesser DN [mm]: 2555
Aussendurchmesser De [mm] 2555

HOBAS Potable Water Tank installed in the course of one morning, CH

In the rural municipality of Chevilly which is located in the Swiss Canton of Vaud, a HOBAS Potable Water Tank ensures reliable water supply for the 250 local inhabitants as well as the similarly sized neighboring municipality.

The old cast iron pipeline network as well as an aged potable water reservoir in the small Swiss municipality of Chevilly had been causing trouble for some time already. Contaminations, ruptures, and similar issues eventually lead to the municipality’s decision to renew the old pipe systems. It was agreed to tackle this challenge together with the neighboring municipality of Moiry which, with 260 inhabitants, is about the same size as Chevilly. 

The commissioned engineering office NF Nicolas Fehlmann SA contacted HOBAS Switzerland regarding the supply of a new and sufficiently large GRP potable water tank with a capacity of 100 m³. The reservoir was realized at the production plant in Austria: It consists of a 25 m long water chamber as well as a 7 m valve chamber made of HOBAS GRP Pipes DN 2555 SN 5000. It was delivered to the construction site in Chevilly in the morning of April 7, 2016. The entire tank was installed on a 40 cm gravel bedding and with a slope of 0.5 % to allow for a complete discharge in the case of maintenance works. The pipes were coupled with the help of chain hoists and installation works were successfully finished after just a few hours, at noon of the same day.  

The new potable water tank can be accessed through a door via a concrete structure. The tank will reliably cover the local inhabitant’s daily drinking water needs for many years to come. The existing old tank continues to serve as fire water reservoir. 

  • 100 m3 Water Tank for 510 Residents